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Bimaday eye drops 3ml is a prescribed medicine used to reduce pressure in the eyes of adults with Glaucoma and high Intraocular pressure. 

This eye drop for Glaucoma contains Bimatoprost as its active ingredient. 

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Uses of Bimaday 3 ml

Bimaday eye drops 3ml contains the active ingredient, Bimatoprost which belongs to the drug class of Prostaglandins Analogs. It is used to treat Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension by decreasing high eye pressure.

Open-Angle Glaucoma 

The excessive fluid in the eyes can cause an increase in eye pressure.

It can result from clogged fluid pathways flowing out of the eye. 

Further, the increased pressure can cause optic nerve damage, ultimately leading to blindness. 

A packet of 3 ml Ophthalmic Solution helps in the treatment of Open-angle Glaucoma. 

Ocular Hypertension 

The condition is caused due to unusual increase in eye pressure, either due to excessive eye fluid production or clogged pathways to drain the fluid. It can be an early stage of Glaucoma. 

Bimatoprost in the Bimaday 3 ml decreases eye pressure and helps treat Ocular Hypertension. 

Eyelash growth 

Besides treating high Intraocular Pressure, Bimatoprost also helps in lengthening eyelashes

The disorder known as Hypotrichosis of eyelashes is treated with Bimatoprost eye drops. 

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Working of Bimaday 3 ml

A Prostaglandin analog, Bimatoprost is an FDA-approved salt that treats high eye pressure. 

It decreases eye pressure by opening clogged pathways and reducing eye fluid production. 

This way, it helps in treating Open-Angle Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension. 

The active salt in the eye drops is used as eyelash serum for eyelash growth. It is FDA-approved for treating Hypotrichosis of the eye as well.

It acts on the hair follicles and promotes their growth which is why it has proven to be effective in the growth of the eyebrows.

Directions to use Bimatoprost eye drops 

Bimaday 3 ml is a prescription-based eye drop. You should use it strictly according to your doctor’s instructions. Usually, one drop a day is recommended to treat eye-related disorders. 

Keep the eye drops away from contamination. 

Check out this article to know how to apply Bimatoprost eye drops: Application of Bimatoprost

Side effects of Bimaday 3 ml

Most side effects are temporary and go away as your body becomes used to the medication. If they persist or you’re concerned about them, speak with your doctor. The common Bimatoprost side effects include,

  • Eye itching 
  • Conjunctival Hyperemia


3 ml Ophthalmic Solution can interact with other drugs and diseases to show side effects. Inform your doctor before using the eye drops. 

Drug Interactions

Using Misoprostol or Dinoprostone along with Bimaday Ocular Drop may cause an abnormal eye pressure reduction.

Disease Interactions 

Bimaday can interact with disorders and health complications like,


  • Avoid using the eye drops if you are allergic to their constituents
  • Remove contact lenses before using the product
  • Inform your doctor about your surgeries, pre-existing diseases, medications, and food habits
  • Keep the eye drop out of the reach of children
  • Read the instructions given on the label carefully
  • Always wait for 10-15 minutes before using another eye drop
  • Never take Bimaday 3 ml without consulting the doctor


Store the Bimaday eye drop in a clean & dry place.

Keep it away from children & pets.

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