Will Applying Vaseline on Eyelashes Make Them Grow?

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Vaseline petroleum jelly works wonders for dry skin or chapped lips. But does Vaseline on eyelashes really make them grow?

Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly will not stimulate the growth of eyelashes or make them thicker or fuller.

However, this jelly does offer some benefits, like providing moisture to your eyelash and making them look healthier.


Vaseline is a brand that specializes in manufacturing petroleum jelly made of white petrolatum.

This jelly has several benefits and is famous for application on chapped lips.

Vaseline jelly has moisture-locking properties that aid dry skin. It creates a protective layer that keeps it hydrated by sealing the moisture.

It is also known to heal wounds quickly, minimize scars, and treat conditions like Eczema.

Does Vaseline grow eyelashes

Recently many people started applying Vaseline to lashes in the hope that it will make them grow.

But does Vaseline grow eyelashes?

No, as mentioned before, Vaseline on eyelashes doesn’t help them grow. 

On the other hand, it conditions the hair follicles and provides moisture to the eyelid area.

Applying this thick jelly to the lashes binds the hair, making each lash appear fuller and thicker.

If you want your eyelashes to grow, you can try eyelash serum after consulting with a healthcare professional.

Some of the eyelash serums containing Bimatoprost are specially formulated for eyelash growth are:

To know which eyelash serum is the best read this article: Which is the Best Lash Growth Serum That Really Works

You should consult a medical professional before using any of these serums. Follow the instructions given by them to apply the serum for eyelash growth.

Is Vaseline good for your eyelashes

Vaseline has a low chance of reaction when applied to the skin. Instead, it is also known to help with dry eye.

It is safe to use Vaseline jelly as a moisturizer if you have dry eye conditions.

Also, according to a study, allergic reactions to petroleum jelly are rare. However, it is always best to consult a doctor if you have an eye infection.

Therefore, Vaseline for eyelashes is suitable and safe to use and also provides a few benefits when applied.

Benefits of Vaseline on eyelashes

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Let us look at some of the benefits of Vaseline on eyelashes and eyes

  • Moisture providing property:

    As mentioned above, Vaseline is pretty good at providing moisture due to its moisture-locking properties. When applied to the skin, it seals the moisture creating a barrier and making the skin supple and hydrated.
  • Fuller-looking eyelashes:

    Due to its thick consistency, Vaseline petroleum jelly makes the eyelashes look fuller.
  • Fewer reaction chances:

    Vaseline, as stated, is safe to use and has fewer chances of interaction with other substances or conditions.
  • Simple eyelash care routine:

    You just need to buy Vaseline and apply it after cleaning your eye area. There is no need to have any fancy equipment and a lengthy process to use this jelly.

To conclude

The answer to, does Vaseline help your eyelashes grow, is no.

Vaseline on eyelashes has many benefits, but eyelash growth is not one.

It might help make your eyelashes look fuller and thicker, but it cannot make them grow. 

You can, however, use it as a moisturizer on your eyelid, lashes, or around the eye area. For eyelash growth, consider using eyelash growth serums containing Bimatoprost.

Bimatoprost is an FDA-approved solution for eyelash growth. It can help your lashes get longer, thicker, and richer.

Bimatoprost is also known to help your eyebrow regrow.

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